Parks and gardens


Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Le Cannet's gardens by taking a stroll along their tree-bordered alleys, or resting in the shade of one of their many olive or pine trees... In the Pinède Mounier, Pinède des Amandiers and Jardin de la Princesse squares, you will find many benches and shaded areas. Others, such as jardin des Oliviers, square Aubanel or jardin de l'Etoile are also equipped with playgrounds for children, which means that you can have a moment to yourself while your children are busy playing!

For a nature break

Pine trees, olive trees and many other trees and shrubs... these gardens and parks welcome you into their alleys and paths to enjoy a real nature break.

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The Campelières swimming-pool


Located at the crossroads of Le Cannet and Mougins, this is an agreeable swimming-pool, equipped with a dome opening onto the garden in the summer. It has been entirely renovated and redesigned, and is equipped with changing rooms, a visitor area and an infirmary. In an effort to protect the environment, the pool uses a eco-boiler which functions using sustainable fuel, granules obtained by recycling the town's green waste. It is also accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

Piscine des Campelières :

Chemin des Campelières
06250 Mougins
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 45 07 69